Pooja Services in Rameswaram Welcome to Rameswaram Puja Homam is the most ancient and sacred ceremony
in the Vedic tradition.
Sarpa Shanthi Pooja in Rameswaram
Sarppa Shanthi Services in Rameswaram

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As part of his duties to society, Mr. B. Swaminathan performs many Hindu rituals such as Weddings, Upanayana, all types of Homams, Aparo Karmas, Sraaddham, etc. On individual requests, he also conducts homams and Vedic chantings for peace, health, and prosperity. He’s here to help you use these ancient techniques to restore Happiness and Peace in your lives. He assures you fulfillment and joy bundled with a Divine Experience that you wish to seek.

His deep and honest integral endeavor to pursue and upkeep the traditional practices makes him a great favorite amongst his followers as he conjures various Gods and Goddess during his holy ritual acts. Our Services are Rameswaram Thila Homam, Santhana Homam in Rameswaram, Sarppa Shanthi Homam in Rameswaram, Kasi Yatra’s in Rameswaram, Kumbabhisekam in Rameswaram.


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